How to Meditate Properly
and Awaken to Your Fully Alive State

- Through the Proven System of Natural Meditation -
This method has been used for thousands of years by millions of people
It is the easiest and fastest way to experience Real Meditation

Increase Your Energy, Enjoy Better and Deeper Sleep, Become
More Creative, Insightful and Perceptive, Feel More Calm,
Happiness and Strength and Become More Attractive

Meditation is the one essential practice for every human being who wishes to have the best life possible. It can bring you to a far more conscious and fully alive state, where numerous unexpected and beneficial experiences take place.

You will initially find that stress is immediately reduced, your powers of perception increase allowing you to not only relate with people in better ways, but to recognise opportunities that others miss. You also experience that many abilities of a creative and innovative nature spontaneously arise.

These benefits of meditation are excellent, but more importantly proper meditation continually increases your level of consciousness and energy on a daily basis. You become established in the fullness of your being and rest in bliss.

The Traditional Benefits of Proper Meditation include:

Why Proper Meditation Works So Well:

When you meditate correctly, you unblock a natural life force of organic growth, which is a healing and harmonising power. It has been suppressed due to your upbringing and conditioning. Everybody suffers from this. It is a normal result of civilisation.

These early life restrictions cause a limitation to your self expression, blockage of your talents, and a hinderance to your abilities, spontaneity and creativity.

In many cases these restrictions can reduce your opportunites in your career, relationships and life in general and so energetically obstruct you from being everything you can be.

It is rather like pinching a garden hose as a jet of water flows out of it. When pinched the water can only trickle out. But if you unpinch the hose, you release a large, full flow of water.

Your human energy system is the same. You need to ‘unpinch’ it and you will find that a greater flow of life’s energies will appear, with their accompanying feelings of pleasure, fulfillment and love. This is called the natural state.

If you truly want a deeper and more pleasurable experience of living, and to develop a more attractive power in the various areas of your life, as well as to establish yourself in your highest nature, then you must systematically and intelligently reopen your system to allow more of the life force to flow through you.

Becoming Conscious of Your Inner Universe - the Real Game of Life:

To encourage all this to happen for you, your best - and actually only option, is to go within. You need to explore and discover how to direct your mind and then merge together all the different parts of your ‘human beingness’, of which you are made.

This is the goal of the Real Meditation paths of the East and the Contemplation paths of the West: more life, more love, more happiness and complete fulfillment in all areas of your life.

It has been practiced and has worked, for thousands of years, for millions of people, in all cultures.

Now you can join them.

What are the Initial Benefits of Real Meditation for you?

Many practitioners remove old stresses and tensions from their body. Others let go of emotional and physical repeating patterns. Some find the additional energy they awaken can assist with healing in a variety of diseases. Artists discover they can unlock a continual flow of creativity. Authors find writers block dissolves. Sports people play their games with more concentration and therefore success.

In general, meditation can improve almost every aspect of your life. It is the jewel of all personal development techniques and is essential if you wish to truly awaken to your fullest potential.

What is Real Meditation and how does it differ from 'ordinary meditation'?

Meditation is called by different names in various cultures, but they all mean the same thing. It is firstly to do with the ability to remain aware and awake as you explore the inner universe of your being. And secondly it results in you experiencing expanded and higher states of consciousness.

You find this is a result of an improvement and enhancement of your biology where the quality of your energy increases and the higher faculties of your mind awaken. In this state you can access the Superconscious aspects of your being. These experiences cause you connect with the whole of life in a deeply connected way.

It awakens a profound personal power with which you can enhance your life and the lives of those close to you.

Michael Domeyko Rowland's 'How to Meditate' course is quite different to what is commonly referred to as meditation as it is aimed at helping you to access your Superconscious and the higher aspects of your being.

It has nothing to do with visualisation, repetition of affirmations, religion or relaxation techniques. These are fine practices, but are nothing to do with real meditation. Nor is there any need to try to stop your mind thinking, or to withdraw from the world, or become a 'spiritual' person, or follow a series of rules and regulations.

It is to do with something far more fulfilling and far more effective and practical. Which is how to live your life in the most enjoyable and fulfilling way, as a householder.

It is the most ancient and proven art-science of human culture.

The course contains the five major techniques of traditional meditation (breathing, mantra, energy movement, imaging, and the techniqueless technique). You choose the one that is most appropriate for you.

These are designed to help you awaken more of the natural energies of your inner being, as well as give you direct knowledge of your Higher Self. Meditation, when properly taught, truly is the master key to life.

Special Methods for More Conscious Everyday Living

You will also learn to access your Superconscious and awaken new abilities and talents as well as what is called the ‘inner genius’. This is a higher intelligence that helps you in many different areas of your life.

Sometimes it is called intuition, but when developed correctly becomes an actual higher intelligence.

You will also be taught the ancient ways of integrating meditation into your everyday life. These methods, previously secret techniques from the monasteries, ashrams and mystery schools are practical ways of using all aspects of your every day life to increase your consciousness.

Discover the Technique that is right for YOU for the rest of your life:

To be successful at meditation you need to identify and learn the correct practice. Each person has their own individual needs for the practice of meditation.

In this course, you will learn all the major techniques, and so discover which is best for you.

In the course each technique will be explained so you can be certain you have understood them. You can practice each one in your own time.

The purpose of the course is to give you the means to meditate successfully for the rest of your life.



The course was sensational. The information and techniques which I have learnt have empowered me to take control of my life. I now have a better understanding. I would recommend this course to anyone and everybody who has a desire to learn about themselves and a desire to grow.

Denis Ac, Youth Worker

I found the course to be the greatest personal experience of my life. During the meditation sessions I was able to access my subconscious and reveal things which have blocked progress all my life. Your teachings, your book and your meditation course has allowed the real me to express himself and achieve what was, because of my belief system, unachievable when I was younger. Thanks Michael, you have given me the tools to solve my life and prosper with my family.

Paul Rudston-Brown

I have followed and admired Michael’s teachings for years. The no-hype factual way he shares his insights and personal journey into the realms of higher consciousness is a gift to anyone seriously wanting to improve their life. I found his experience and research into self-improvement cuts through the misinformation that leads many people down endless rabbit holes. Michael is a teacher with a genuine desire to help his students move beyond their limitations and enjoy the freedom of an empowered life. I am grateful for his support and guidance.

Greg Fitness


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