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Shocking Future – The Rise of Independent Machines

Before the end of the decade the future of individual employment will become apparent. Most have their head in the sand hoping the challenges will all go away. They won’t. It is vital you prepare yourself for tumultuous times ahead. It will be like a race – not everyone will win. The great shock will be that there are no parents to take care of you and supply food and shelter and a life of...

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Awakening the Power of Success

This is a test post for realzing the times ahead which are coming. Robots, Artificial Intelligence and the new economy will put swathes of people out of work It is urgent that you take action to protect yourself and your family due to the impact of hundreds of millions of jobs...

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The 3 Unavoidable Steps to Totally Master Your Life

Here is the First Requirement of the Truly Successful: Use this as an analogy for your own life: Imagine a flock of thousands of birds flying very fast in formation across the shear blue sky, swooping across the treetops, screeching and squawking. One suddenly breaks away, deciding to go his or her own way, going against the flood of beating feathers. Some of the pack look back. But it is too late. The escapee is gone, racing in the opposite direction. But looking for what? Freedom? A better life? An opportunity to stretch their wings without being held back? So which are you in your life right now? In the pack – or going in a new direction to advance your career abilities, your relationships, your whole life? Now is the time to make the decision. It doesn’t necessarily mean doing anything radical. It means releasing more of your talents, growing and improving yourself in any way at all, and enjoying a richer experience of your life. A great way to start is to ask yourself Tom Cruise’s question: “Are you who you want to be? Are you where you want to be? If not, why not?” The truly successful have effortless access to unlimited and amazing reserves of energy, creativity, intuition and motivation. What could your life really be if the genie came out of the bottle? What would you want?...

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